October 31, 2013

fleurs de nice

 photo PicMonkeyCollage1.jpg

today i picked up these beauties on my walk back from class. i saw them and fell in love but i decided not to buy them because i didn't see a price and flowers at the market can get pretty pricey. i kept on walking but i had that feeling you get when you know you are going to regret something. i looked at the flowers at a few more stalls, thinking maybe those would suffice but none compared. i knew i had to go back and get those flowers. so i turned back around and tried to recall where that vender was. when i arrived, the stall was closing up so i got there just in time and to my surprise, they were only 2€ a bundle! i got two bundles and because the vender was closing for the day, he gave me a bundle for free! i walked back to my apartment with a huge bouquet and an even bigger smile and people were smiling at me because they probably thought i was in love! and i was... with my pretty flowers! so now i have flowers all over my room (the bouquet pictured is only a third of them!) and the resolution to buy flowers from the marché more often.
Anonymous said...

This is an exquisite photograph! Everything about it. Cheers

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