October 25, 2013


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eating / excellent macarons and all things nutella
drinking / espresso by morning and vanilla tea by night
practicing / french. lots of french.
mastering / the art of the weekly meal plan and conjugating verbs.
learning / something new everyday
playing / irish music on pandora and lots of nirvana
finishing / my homework every night before bed. a skill i wish i would have adopted in high school.
reading / a scandalous freedom by steve brown and les miserables (when in rome, right?)
walking / just about everywhere. vieux nice is my favorite place for a stroll
cooking / stews and soups and all things pumpkin (from my homemade pumpkin puree)
wearing / stripes and scarves and knee high boots.
working / on homework and drawings and keeping my space (both virtual and actual) neat and tidy
traveling / around the city by bus thanks to my nifty new bus pass
wanting / to find canned pumpkin and continue feeling blessed daily by this wonderful experience
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Anonymous said...

Loving / everything about this post :)) :))

Anonymous said...

cute idea the ing list. have fun

defence operator said...

Cool assortment of mushrooms

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