November 12, 2013

c'est un parc

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goodness i love nice! i have never been somewhere that has felt so much like me. it has the perfect mix of everything: cute little shops and big "one stop shop" malls, farmers markets and food superstores, a convenient modern area and a beautiful old town, a beach down the street and hills and mountains a quick trip away, cheap cafes and gourmet restaurants... i could go on and on! but this past week, nice got the one thing i felt it was missing: a park! there are little parks around the city but nothing unified or central and unfortunately none near me. i wondered why there wasn't more green spaces but then i found out that the big eyesore of a construction site in the middle of town was going to be a state of the art park and it would be opening soon! and nice isn't like california so when they say something is opening, it opens on that day. probably the only thing in france that is ever on time... but i digress. it was actually an accident i was in the park on opening day but i'm so glad i was because there was live music and performers and big screens with movies and videos and an opening ceremony with the mayor and city officials. i've learned when something opens in france, it starts with a bang! looking forward to many more outings and visits here.
defence operator said...

what is the statue in the center of the park of

Sam H

Anonymous said...

How fun...a new park to enjoy! Enjoy exploring it! Cheers.

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