November 21, 2013

grateful for...

 photo 1ea058cc-cefb-4992-9203-a67f22fa4d34.jpg

1. white fir candles
2. meeting (and going to church with) a fellow christian in my french class
3. the magic of christmas music
4. finally finding a great book to snuggle up with
5. the chocolate convention i stumbled into by accident over the weekend (so yum)
6. going home for christmas (t-minus one month)
7. staying warm and dry inside during torrential rain
8. finding yogi tea at a local bio shop (and the free mug with purchase)
9. the dwindling size of my french class
10. what a good mood the lady i live with has been in lately
//photo via pinterest//
Anonymous said...

your life itself seems magical. nice seeing how grateful you are. lovely photo. did you take it? cheers xx

Anonymous said...

Charming old photograph back to a place in time. I wanna be there. You are. :))

Katrina said...

Wow I can't believe you've been blogging and my reader doesn't update me. Maybe it's because you made your blog private or something. But anyway, good to hear you've been doing well there, Hayley! I enjoy reading your entries about France. Keep it up and take care of yourself ayt. :)

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