November 9, 2013

on the town

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my goal for this month was to explore more of nice and find places that are more local and less touristy. while i have been finding some wonderful places, i always find myself back on my street. i live on the main street in the modern section of town and it really is a one stop shop for many things. there is a farmers market a few blocks down from where i live, a really nice market near the turnoff for my school, lots of clothing and book stores and just about everything else you could think of. when i first came to france, i was worried that it would be like new zealand and i wouldn't be able to find many common things i'm accustomed to in the states. but i'm happy to say i've been able to find most things i could ever want and need, with the exception of canned pumpkin and kale but i'll let those slide. i also love walking along the street i live on because there are no cars and only the occasional tram to worry about so its pretty peaceful. believe it or not, all these pictures were taken within 10 minutes of where i live. so many photo ops can be so distracting especially when i'm trying to get to school on time!
Anonymous said...

It appears Nice is an incredible array of a little of everything. I very much want to go now that I've followed you. Please continue showing us sites. xxoo

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