December 9, 2013

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

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nice at Christmas is so lovely. all the shops decorate and the fancy streets put up mini trees with red felt ornaments and there are lights everywhere! in the center of town, there is a Christmas village with ice skating and a ferris wheel and little booths selling sweets and overpriced presents. being here is such a change from being in New Zealand last year because kiwis are sadly not the biggest fans of Christmas or decorating so I'm getting my double fill this year. sometimes, when I have time to kill,  I'll walk around to window shop and take in all the creative ways the city decorates for noel. there is a massive Christmas ornament in place garabaldi, pillars of brightly colored lights on the side streets, a Christmas tree grove in front of one of the state buildings and giant light-up presents suspended above the main street. it's all a sight to see and it makes me wish Christmas was year around
Anonymous said...

So festive! 🌲

Anonymous said...

Nice knows how to do Christmas! Love your photos!

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