April 28, 2014

mixed tape // spring 2014

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some old finds and new favorites i keep coming back to
on spotify

1. Eyes Wider Than Before by Scott Matthews 
2. Deep End by Yalls
3. Hallow Home Rd by Brolly
4. Ompa Til Du Dør by Kaiser Orchestra 
5. Wolves by Phosphorescent
6. Glacier by James Vincent McMorrow
7. Little Bird by Ed Sheeran
8. Home by Gabrielle Apin
9.  Spring Song by Laura Viers
10. The Chain (Live) by Ingrid Michaelson 
11. I Was An Eagle by Laura Marling
12. Paint by The Paper Kites
13. Step Out by Jose Gonzales
14. You've Got Time by Regina Spector
15. Awake by Tycho
16. Trees by Twenty One Pilots

April 24, 2014


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eating // all kinds of veggies and even more kinds of british chocolate
drinking // yorkshire gold tea (when in rome, right?)
practicing // patience and diligence
learning // british slang from the wonderful brits in my life
playing // the band brolly on repeat
finishing // my big apologetics paper. wish me luck
reading // this momentary marriage out loud with my roommates and les mis on my own *still*
walking // to the minster daily to pray and read
loving // all the wonderful relationships i've made in such a short period of time
cooking // nightly feasts with my roomies
wearing // basically the same thing everyday: dress + tights + flats
working // on homework at caffe nero or one of the many other cute coffee shops in town
traveling // to paris in may *fingers crossed*
wanting // to take my camera out more and for this semester to never end
{photo via jose villa}

April 21, 2014

resurrection day 2014

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easter this year was pretty spectacular! the night before, i made cookies with my roommates then i made flower crowns with some other friends. easter morning, a bunch of us put on our easter best and helped serve at church. i think one of the best compliments i've received in a while is that i "looked like the bride of Christ". i've been reading this momentary marriage by john piper with my roommates which talks about how we as the church are the bride of Christ which made the compliment especially sweet. after church, we had a picnic on the top floor of our school's coffee shop and ate lunch and fellowshipped. a few of us left lunch early to attend evensong at the minster which was such a wonderful experience. the music was heavenly and the sermon was fantastic. i went to dinner at a fancy fish restaurant in town with my friend ingliv then came home and ate our easter chocolate and reflected on this amazing day. but what made this day most special is that it celebrates Jesus's resurrection from the dead. i am writing a paper on this topic for my apologetics class so it is especially near and dear to my heart this easter. the fact that the Son of God died for my sins then rose again will never cease to blow my mind. i hope this 'easter state of mind' won't just be something i meditate on during easter but the whole year around.

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April 14, 2014

iraq adventure

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for my outreach trip this semester, i went to iraq with a friend to visit her family. honestly, iraq blew my mind. it was so beautiful, the people were so kind and open, the language was so fun and the culture was so fascinating. the reason i chose to go to iraq was because it seemed the most adventurous and interesting. before i went, i didn't even think about what it would be like. somewhere in the back of my mind, i think i had visions of desserts and women in burqas and bombed out buildings but this couldn't be further than what i found. we were in kudistan in the north and it was beautiful and green and lush. during our visit, we spent a lot of time with my friend andie's family, visited some of the surrounding cities, worked on our hands and knees at the freedom center (the building andie's dad is in iraq to help construct), had lunch with the kindest muslim family and had lots of great fellowship. i can honestly say i have fallen in love with iraq in every way and would love to go back someday. what started out as an adventurous outreach choice turned out to be one of the biggest blessings of my life. till next time, iraq.

April 12, 2014

hello from england

i'm back from my very long and very unintentional blog break. wow. so much has happened in such a short time. i've been in york, england studying and its divine. i love england, love this school, love my friendies, love this life. i know i always say this on this blog (mostly because its always true) but i just feel so blessed. france was hard. hard in a good, growing way but difficult nevertheless. i know it was necessary to my becoming but i'm so happy to be in the next season. being in such a beautiful place around wonderful, warm, kind people has been a dream. my roommates and i are inseparable and i've made many other friends from all over the world. i spend most of my time in coffee shops doing homework, making dinner with my roomies, walking around this beautiful town listening to my les mis audiobook, doing bible studies and praying in the private prayer room at the minster, baking and serving goodies at church and learning to love God more everyday. here are a few pics to attempt to illustrate my wonderful semester so far. i'm planning on posting somewhat regular schedule so stay tuned!

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