April 24, 2014


 photo 69a6fc45-309a-4be9-9264-5b61fb92fea8.jpg

eating // all kinds of veggies and even more kinds of british chocolate
drinking // yorkshire gold tea (when in rome, right?)
practicing // patience and diligence
learning // british slang from the wonderful brits in my life
playing // the band brolly on repeat
finishing // my big apologetics paper. wish me luck
reading // this momentary marriage out loud with my roommates and les mis on my own *still*
walking // to the minster daily to pray and read
loving // all the wonderful relationships i've made in such a short period of time
cooking // nightly feasts with my roomies
wearing // basically the same thing everyday: dress + tights + flats
working // on homework at caffe nero or one of the many other cute coffee shops in town
traveling // to paris in may *fingers crossed*
wanting // to take my camera out more and for this semester to never end
{photo via jose villa}
Katrina said...

That photo you posted is too beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You're sweet and your (ing) list is fun!! xx

Elizabeth Walker said...

i copied you! i liked your ing list idea! :-D

Anonymous said...

^ I want a blog so I can do an ing list!! Someday! Cheers.

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