May 16, 2014

dales road trip

 photo HSO_3761.jpg
my friend cheesy and i made the acquaintance of a very sweet little english woman while we were in the dales. we had tea with her then she offered to drive us around the dales to take photos and see all her favorite places. seven hours and thousands of photos later, we returned to the camp happily exhausted from our wonderful day. here are a few of our adventures:

//upper and lower falls//
 photo HSO_3981.jpg
 photo PicMonkeyCollagebbb.jpg
 photo HSO_3977.jpg
 photo HSO_3918.jpg
 photo HSO_4391.jpg
 photo HSO_3960.jpg

// swelwith bridge //
 photo HSO_3737.jpg
 photo HSO_3729.jpg
 photo HSO_3732.jpg
 photo HSO_3751.jpg
 photo HSO_3755.jpg
 photo HSO_3757.jpg
 photo HSO_3788.jpg

// askrigg //
 photo HSO_3866.jpg
 photo HSO_3888.jpg
 photo HSO_3859.jpg
 photo HSO_3895.jpg
 photo HSO_3880.jpg
 photo HSO_3855.jpg
 photo HSO_3650.jpg
 photo HSO_3896.jpg
 photo PicMonkeyCollage34.jpg
 photo HSO_3702.jpg

// the butter tubs //
 photo HSO_3793.jpg
 photo HSO_3806.jpg
 photo HSO_3802.jpg
 photo HSO_3803.jpg

// castle howard//
 photo HSO_4064.jpg
 photo PicMonkeyCollage882.jpg
 photo HSO_4055.jpg
 photo HSO_3837.jpg
 photo HSO_4089.jpg
 photo HSO_4105.jpg
Elizabeth Walker said...

I always love your pics!! :-D

Anonymous said...

Your photos are ah-may-zing!! Every one of them! What a kind woman to show you around the dales for so many hours. I love your blog!

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