May 28, 2014

goodbye to england

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i just got back from Paris (pictures soon) and have had a little time to rest and reflect on this past semester. these three and a half months have been by far my favorite season of my entire life so far. its completely indescribable. i've loved every place and season God has put me in but there is something so different about york. its such a sweet, happy place with some of the best people i have ever met. i don't think there are enough positive adjectives to describe it here but i'll try. from the second i arrived, it felt like home. despite the cold and the new environment, there was something so familiar about it. york is a beautiful city, full of so much history and some of my best memories were taking off after class and aimlessly wandering. i found countless cute cafe and places to hang out, through which, i met some of the sweetest locals and baristas. my classes were outstanding and i learnt so much both through the teaching and the way the teachers live their lives and invested in us. most of the staff lives on campus or near campus and cliche as is sounds, we were all like a family. the students i met were also a highlight. they were some of the kindest, most loving people i've ever met and i'm praying we all keep in touch. no matter what though, they will always be in my heart. looking back, i don't miss york like i thought i would. i thought there would be a stabbing longing whenever i thought of all the fun and memories i encountered there. no. instead, i look back and smile. i know it was just for a season but i've accepted that and am looking forward to the future while still treasuring the friends and memories i made in york. it was a huge part of my becoming and for that, i am blessed.
//york wall around the corner from my flat//
Anonymous said...

Awe, I can just tell you are a sweet girl! Good friends are the best!!

Anonymous said...

Happy you had a blessed time there. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Checking everyday for your Paris pics!! Looking forward :))

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