May 12, 2014

on the rails

 photo HSO_3355.jpg

our first day in the dales, we were given a few hours to look around and explore. my dear friend ingliv and i decided to venture off the beaten path and ended up following the rail road tracks for a few miles. here are a few photos we captured along the way

 photo HSO_3423.jpg
 photo HSO_3336.jpg
 photo HSO_3450.jpg
 photo HSO_3358.jpg
 photo HSO_3329.jpg
 photo HSO_3406.jpg
 photo HSO_3444.jpg
 photo HSO_3417.jpg
 photo HSO_3435.jpg
 photo HSO_3460.jpg
Anonymous said...

Cute! So much fun! I wanna go visit England now :))

Anonymous said...

On the rails in the dales! Looks peaceful.

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