May 10, 2014

the jonas centre

 photo HSO_4609.jpg

while we were in the dales, we stayed in little cabins at a christian retreat compound called the jonas centre. from the cherry blossoms surrounding the campus to the big red phone booth, it was wonderful and so quintessentially english. we explored, chased sheep, played cards late into the night, had worship nights and prayer meetings, ate amazing meals and lots and lots of great fellowship. it was the perfect home base for a weekend away and i'm so glad i had my camera to capture it.

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 photo HSO_3495.jpg
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Anonymous said...

The Dales are beautiful and you've captured them perfectly. Spring is the best time in Yorkshire in my opinion. Looking to see more soon. Cheers xx

Anonymous said...

How lucky to have a retreat here. It's unbelievably pretty. Your blog is showing me places I will never see for myself. Thank you!

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