June 25, 2014

an american (bookstore) in paris

 photo HSO_5109.jpg

when planning for paris, one of the non-negotiable stops was shakespeare and company bookstore. it is a precious little American bookstore along the seine with a wealth of history. writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce and my favorite, Ernest Hemingway, would gather in this little bookshop to write and share ideas. it's even referred to in Hemingways classic, a moveable feast! in more recent history, this bookshop is where celine and jesse reconnect in before sunset, which is arguably one of the most important scenes in the whole trilogy. walking through the tiny hallways of the shop with those scenes playing in my mind, I almost felt like I was in the film. though there was no photography allowed inside, I snuck a few snaps with my iPhone. I just couldn't pass up such perfect photo ops! the books are ridiculously overpriced or else I would have bought the before sunrise/before sunset screenplay, seen below. it is more a place to brouse and sit in the reading room or many nooks and corners to read for a while. all in all, if you ever find yourself in Paris, this is definitely somewhere to put on your list!

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//'illegal' indoor pics {shhhh}//
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Anonymous said...

I especially so love the snippet of Notre Dame out the window! This will be a must stop for my next Paris vacay :). Cheers

Anonymous said...

We like to seek out bookstores wherever we travel too. There is nothing like finding a treasure in a far away bookshop!
Enjoy your self!!

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