June 21, 2014

le tour eiffel & l'arc de triomphe

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i don't know about you but the first thing that comes to mind of when i think of paris is the eiffel tower. it is so beautiful and iconic that walking around the corner and seeing it standing there almost gave me a heart attack. really, its spectacular! emily and i decided to picnic at golden hour in the park under the eiffel tower and it was glorious. we had a quintessentially french meal of baguettes and goat cheese and fruit with rosé and stared at the eiffel tower and laughed and talked and had such a memorable time. but how couldn't we with that kind of view?

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a few nights later, we trudged (darn stairs) up to the top of the arc de triumph to watch the eiffel tower light up. a few people from emily's class told us it wasn't to be missed and they were so right. first of all, paris is gorgeous at night. the view from every angle was stunning! but the pièce de résistance was the sparkling light show from the eiffel tower off in the distance. there was a huge crowd but we got a pretty good spot and settled in to watch the five minute show. afterwards, we walked around the arc de triumph and along the champs elysees and admired the beauty of the city of light at night.

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Anonymous said...

I love all these pictures!! What a fortunate series of events for you to go to Paris!

Anonymous said...

Stunning photos! This is my dream trip :))
Thanxs for sharing

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