June 19, 2014

my week in paris

after my semester in york, i spent a week in paris with my beloved roommate from ohio, emily. she was doing a may term in france and invited me to crash with her in paris. such a dream! it was a spectacular adventure despite random bouts of torrential rain and at times faulty directions (i blame google). some highlights include following in the steps of my favorite movie before sunset (more on that soon), church at hill song paris, amazing evening meals and catching each other up to speed on our lives, copious amounts of french bonbons and pastries and day trips to versailles and monet's garden. everything was absolutely magical. here are a few random, quintessentially parisian pictures but get ready for a downpour of posts coming at you soon.

 photo HSO_5256.jpg
 photo HSO_5185.jpg
 photo HSO_5044.jpg
 photo HSO_5286.jpg
 photo HSO_5036.jpg
 photo HSO_5273.jpg
 photo HSO_5055.jpg
 photo 1HSO_5270.jpg
 photo HSO_5269.jpg
{this bakery got the award for the best bread in paris - first gluten i had in months!}

 photo HSO_5244.jpg
 photo HSO_5169.jpg
 photo 1PicMonkeyCollagev.jpg
 photo HSO_5190.jpg
{a scene from before sunset was filmed here! ahhh!}

 photo HSO_5176.jpg
 photo HSO_5071.jpg
 photo HSO_6346.jpg
{the minimalist in me loved this metro stop}

 photo HSO_5228.jpg
 photo HSO_6352.jpg
 photo HSO_5174.jpg
 photo HSO_6442.jpg
 photo HSO_5183.jpg
 photo HSO_6449.jpg
{coolest shop in paris}

 photo HSO_5237.jpg
 photo HSO_6450.jpg
 photo HSO_5253.jpg

Katrina said...

Paris is just too magical, I would love to visit that place soon too! Looking forward to the Before Sunset post and the rest of the photos!! Much love from the Philippines, the forever curious Katrina

Anonymous said...

I love Paris in the spring. Your pictures are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You two LOOK French! Lovely! xo

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