June 26, 2014

notre dame

 photo HSO_5059.jpg

what else can I say: Notre Dame is stunning! it was the first place we decided to go on our first morning and it was rainy and cold and we were dressed completely wrong. on top of that, the lines were out the door and there were people everywhere. Emily and I decided to go back to the room, change then come back and begin again. and when we returned, it was a totally different scene. the sun was out, the rain clouds dispersed and the lines had disappeared! hallelujah! we got to explore the inside, which was amazing and reminded me so much of the york minster, one of my favorites places in york. here are a few pictures i captured when the sun came out

 photo HSO_5135.jpg
 photo HSO_5007.jpg
 photo HSO_5126.jpg
 photo 1PicMonkeyCollagen.jpg
 photo HSO_4951.jpg
 photo HSO_4991.jpg
 photo HSO_4990.jpg
 photo HSO_4953.jpg
 photo HSO_4981.jpg
 photo 1PicMonkeyCollagewe.jpg
 photo HSO_5025.jpg

Anonymous said...

O my word! These photos are brilliant!! Great capture! x

Anonymous said...

Ah! You interior shots are perfect!!
Love them all!

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