July 14, 2014

cincinnati revisited + an announcement

i've been pretty quiet about my next step on social media but i'm finally ready to blog about it. i am happy to announce i have been accepted to the premiere college in the nation for my major and i couldn't be more excited! this has been my dream school since i was seven years old and my friend's father, a shoe designer for nike, told me it was his alma mater and the best place to study design! when i was a senior in high school and making the big decision of what schools to apply for, i visited university of cincinnati, along with ohio state and cedarville, where i eventually ended up. i was beyond impressed with uc's industrial design program and the school in general but the art department was undergoing some big changes and it just didn't feel right for me at the time. the program encourages so much independence that i don't think my seventeen year old self was ready for. fast forward a few years and i finally decided to apply last summer. i knew i was a transfer student so it would be next to impossible to get in but God is a god of the impossible and if He wanted me there, i knew i would get in. after months and months of prolonged waiting, i got my acceptance email during my last week in york! it was bitter sweet because i knew my time in england was over but i am over the moon for what is next. i leave in august so i still have a little of summer to savor but i am counting down the days till we road trip out to ohio. while looking through an old hard drive, i found these pictures i took when i visited all those years ago. little did i know down the line, after i had already experienced a year of college, made so many amazing friends, learned another language and lived in three different countries, that i would be back as a student. God surely works in mysterious ways

 photo DSC_0019.jpg
{my first memory of ohio}

 photo DSC_0103.jpg
 photo DSC_0099.jpg
 photo DSC_0142.jpg
{football stadium in the middle of campus!}

 photo DSC_0107.jpg
{inside the daap (design, art, architecture and planning) building}

 photo DSC_0123.jpg
 photo PicMonkeyCollage21.jpg
{seventeen year old me // six story tall trophy case}

 photo DSC_0119.jpg
 photo DSC_0044.jpg
{classic ohio fast food}

 photo DSC_0057.jpg
 photo DSC_0080.jpg

July 10, 2014

le pure cafe

 photo HSO_6468.jpg

on our last night in paris, after a busy day of sightseeing and exploring, emily and i ate at le pure cafe in the 11th arrondissement. its adorable and quintessentially french but what makes it truly special is that it was the location of one of my favorite scenes in before sunset. i was so starstruck just by being there and i completely lived up to my expectations. it's small and quaint but really comfortable and the food was so delicious! i had the most amazing crab cakes i have ever encountered. if i had to pick something for my last meal on earth, it would be those wonderful crab cakes. yum! emily and i really embraced the experience and stayed late into the night, drinking and eating and chatting. it was magical! and here ends my paris series. sorry it was so long but i really wanted to do justice to how wonderful of an experience it was.

 photo HSO_6469.jpg
 photo 1PicMonkeyCollage1.jpg
 photo HSO_6488.jpg
 photo HSO_6473.jpg
 photo HSO_6484.jpg
 photo HSO_6474.jpg
 photo HSO_6497.jpg

July 8, 2014

monet's garden

 photo HSO_5446.jpg
 photo c8e29474-a0b7-4034-8978-9f66e0abdb6e.jpg
 photo HSO_5597.jpg
 photo HSO_5447.jpg
 photo HSO_5535.jpg
 photo HSO_5471.jpg
 photo HSO_5555.jpg
 photo HSO_5472.jpg
 photo HSO_5582.jpg
 photo HSO_5566.jpg
 photo 1PicMonkeyCollage.jpg
 photo HSO_5459.jpg
 photo HSO_5453.jpg
 photo HSO_5568.jpg
 photo HSO_5465.jpg
 photo PicMonkeyCollageld.jpg
 photo IMG_8683.jpg
 photo HSO_5492.jpg
 photo HSO_5484.jpg
 photo HSO_5444.jpg

July 5, 2014

ten belles

 photo HSO_6300-2.jpg

while researching places to go in paris, ten belles came up again and again. everyone seemed to be raving about the adorable exterior, friendly service and most of all, the great coffee. the coffee truly was worth the hype. i still don't think it was quite on pare with intellegensia and some of my other favorite los angeles joints but it was rich and delicious and just hit the spot after wandering around all day. the cafe is tiny inside but we were lucky enough to snag a seat upstairs to people watch and enjoy the environment. after our coffee break, we took advantage of the surrounding area and explored this hip, up and coming district. the people here were probably the most stylish i saw in all of paris! i will never forget the girl i saw wearing striped ankle socks with mens pants and tank top looking oh so stylish with a cropped parisian haircut or the guy who looked straight out of the 1900s with round glasses and a baguette under his arm. if i ever get the chance to live in paris, the tenth arrondissement is definitely where you'd find me

 photo HSO_6333-1.jpg
 photo HSO_6301-1.jpg
 photo HSO_6319.jpg
 photo HSO_6311-1.jpg
 photo HSO_6318-1.jpg
 photo HSO_6334.jpg photo HSO_6330-1.jpg
//around the 10th arrondissement//
 photo HSO_6293.jpg
 photo 1PicMonkeyCollagek.jpg
 photo HSO_6297.jpg
 photo HSO_6339.jpg
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