July 3, 2014

gardens of versailles

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the gardens of versailles are absolutely amazing! they are huge and every area of the gardens is a little different, from manicured gardens to sleep fields to untamed woods. the day we went, it was torrentially raining on and off but we still got a explore a big chunk of the property. when i went to versailles when i was young, my biggest regret was not visiting marie antoinette's farm. we were so close but got lost and never made it. so this trip, it was at the very top of my list of things to do. it ended up being everything i expected and more. there were no buildings you could actually go in but the gardens and farm were so quaint and cute and it was so worth the extra walk. on the walk back, we got stuck in a rain storm so bad that we were stuck under a tree for half an hour to try to stay dry (we failed). but even with the rain, it was a great day of exploring and oohing and aching over how beautiful versailles and its gardens are.
//marie antoinette's farm//
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Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow! What is this place? What a contrast of the two gardens! Both at Versaille? Your photos are other-worldly!

Anonymous said...

I can see myself living here--but only in the little village part! :).
Beauty-ful!! Thanks for the views!

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