July 10, 2014

le pure cafe

 photo HSO_6468.jpg

on our last night in paris, after a busy day of sightseeing and exploring, emily and i ate at le pure cafe in the 11th arrondissement. its adorable and quintessentially french but what makes it truly special is that it was the location of one of my favorite scenes in before sunset. i was so starstruck just by being there and i completely lived up to my expectations. it's small and quaint but really comfortable and the food was so delicious! i had the most amazing crab cakes i have ever encountered. if i had to pick something for my last meal on earth, it would be those wonderful crab cakes. yum! emily and i really embraced the experience and stayed late into the night, drinking and eating and chatting. it was magical! and here ends my paris series. sorry it was so long but i really wanted to do justice to how wonderful of an experience it was.

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Anonymous said...

Your Paris posts have been wonderful. They weren't too long in any way! You've inspired me to find your highlighted spots when I go! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a sweet little spot! x

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