July 8, 2014

monet's garden

 photo HSO_5446.jpg
 photo c8e29474-a0b7-4034-8978-9f66e0abdb6e.jpg
 photo HSO_5597.jpg
 photo HSO_5447.jpg
 photo HSO_5535.jpg
 photo HSO_5471.jpg
 photo HSO_5555.jpg
 photo HSO_5472.jpg
 photo HSO_5582.jpg
 photo HSO_5566.jpg
 photo 1PicMonkeyCollage.jpg
 photo HSO_5459.jpg
 photo HSO_5453.jpg
 photo HSO_5568.jpg
 photo HSO_5465.jpg
 photo PicMonkeyCollageld.jpg
 photo IMG_8683.jpg
 photo HSO_5492.jpg
 photo HSO_5484.jpg
 photo HSO_5444.jpg
Anonymous said...

I love this post! Did you use a filter on these photos? Your camera must be a fancy one :)) mine wouldn't end up so nice.

Anonymous said...

Charming place. Its no wonder the artist painted many pictures here. It's on my list to visit when I'm in France.

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