August 11, 2014

girls weekend in palm springs

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for my friend kayla's birthday, we spent the weekend at the ace hotel in palm springs. it was hot hot hot (like 105 degrees hot) but we spent lots of time sipping drinks by the pool and chilling wherever there was air conditioning to be found. we explored the downtown and some of the local hotels in the area but always ended up back at ace. we found a private pool in the back which was a nice way to stay away from the crowded and crazy atmosphere at the main pool. it was a nice time of getting to celebrate kayla in such a beautiful and fun place. it was so sad to leave but i'm looking forward to more girls weekends like this in the future.

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candace said...

hey, i just found your blog. its simply great.
candace ( )

Katrina said...

Can't take my eyes off these pictures! The places looked extra gorgeous with your amazing talent in photography. It gives off that indie vibe Palm Springs is known for, I love it. Glad to know you had a great time with friends, Hayley!

Anonymous said...

I'm wanting to go to the Ace Hotel now! Maybe not in such hot weather though! Your pics, as usual, are outstanding!

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