December 18, 2014

grateful for...

 photo 756EBD0C-225A-47D0-9696-FC6F87CB4742_zps1hczxk9d.jpg
i'm home for christmas break and i couldn't be happier! i love school so much but there is something wonderful about being home for the holidays. it's so beautiful and warm here and it's nice to move at a slower pace, at least for a few short weeks till i fly out again. here are a few things i'm most thankful for over these past few weeks

1. getting on the dean's list for this semester (!!!)
2. the new nespresso store at fashion island
3. spending time with friends and family
4. christmas playlists filled with new and old favorites
5. sales at j. crew
6. impromptu mid week visits with friends at cedarville
7. twilight walks at balboa island
8. suja juices
9. my bangs finally getting to a manageable length
10. one week till Christmas!
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