January 1, 2016


i know i didn't post on this blog much but 2015 was quite a year! i had so many wonderful experiences, made a lot of lasting memories and learned to really love and cherish those close to me. there were also some hard moments but those only made the good moments sweeter. here are a few highlights from each month of 2015. greatly looking forward to 2016 and praying for joy, health, peace and love in this coming year.

 photo DF865AD4-B1C8-4625-8DBB-C57EA2DE4399_zpsyrysmqcd.jpg
went back for my second semester at UC.  went to the detroit auto show.

got a whole week of snow days!

 photo 06999903-2835-4F9B-A184-DAF2F9640EE4_zps0d0edbkh.jpg
visited my friend emily in cedarville.  spent a day in columbus.

 photo DCC1AEFD-6EFC-4CBB-9A80-5BA2A1341D75_zpsklfotbhs.jpg
had a blast at my sorority's spring formal.  moved out of my house in cincinnati. 

watched my friends from cedarville graduate.  started summer classes at art center.  spent a day at disneyland.

 photo CC25D522-ECCB-4597-92B3-A205485ED1E1_zpsglw3fsfk.jpg
turned 22.  started dating the most wonderful guy i know.  had my friend ingliv stay for a few weeks.  took a road trip to northern california.

 photo 07566594-722E-48BA-A550-E7243078F322_zpsayeub6sf.jpg
visited the santa monica farmers market. spent lots of time at the beach.

 photo ECC91570-9AFF-4E26-9958-93783EF62393_zpslfcboedd.jpg
spent a week with my sorority sisters.  met up with brendan for the first time in ohio.  moved into a new apartment.

 photo E02C9131-5C08-4E88-A16E-D5681333C1E0_zpspty0miqy.jpg
started my third semester of college.  had the flu for two weeks.  helped recruit an amazing new pledge class with my theta sisters.  

 photo 89BF713A-20C0-4604-AE31-BE19B9225523_zpsebsv3sa9.jpg
prepared a portfolio and started job searching.  got a co-op in rhode island!  visited nashville with brendan.

 photo D8D7F87F-BA93-495D-9167-5FFB6B6C3424_zps2ohedphb.jpg
was invited to be apart of a design think tank for a major company.  got an amazing little in my sorority.  went to canada for thanksgiving.

 photo 35231019-B0CA-48E1-A56A-B5B105C33BEF_zpsgogqlrnr.jpg
went to formal with brendan.  survived two weeks of 'hell week'.  celebrated christmas with my wonderful family.  rang in the new year with brendan in california. 
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